Kaya Kim starts new carrier as a designer at Ideation: Hub team under Group IT at Volkswagen headquarters from January 2017. She previously has worked as a service designer/ business developer at Service Design Network. SDN is the leading organisation for expertise in service design, based in Cologne, Germany. She is passionate about using design as a perspective to address unique challenges in business innovation and improvement.

01. Industrial Design

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design.
  • Sound understanding of traditional industrial design process
  • Versed at turning inspiration into creative solutions
  • Skilled in 2D / 3D visualisation.

02. Business Development

Project Manager at the biggest network in the field of Service Design.
  • Leadership / relationship management 
  • Business development
  • Project management

03. Design Research 

Holding a Master's degree in Integrated Design. 
  • Problem identification
  • Research visualisation 
  • Creative solutions and implementation of different methodologies